Your funnel is now completed… so you need to put it into action! Generating traffic is without a doubt the most value skill to have when scaling and business or running a campaign! Without traffic, your lading page or website wont have any visitors, and no visitors means ZERO sales.

There are many different types of traffic that you can start implementing today. We’re going to cover both organic (free) and paid methods that will start giving you the chance to grow your brand, while increasing revenue along the way.

Organic (free)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the use of techniques that pre-qualify your customer by ranking your funnel in search engines.

The most common use of SEO is keywords; utilizing language in your site that is associated with your niche or product. For example, using words that customers are likely to search for.

Doing this will match you up with those that are searching the same or similar keywords, while increasing the likelihood of your product finding the right buyer.


The great thing about SEO is that you’ll be getting the ‘warmest’ possible customers for your product or service. In other words, people that search for your product already have the intent to buy, meaning they are the closest to a sale. That’s great news because this type of customer doesn’t need convincing that they need your product, only why YOU are the best business to purchase from.

Social Media

Social media is a great form of organic traffic! Let’s face it, it’s where the attention of the world is right now. People are constantly looking to be fed with new content, and no-matter the niche, product, or service you provide, there is always a way to take advantage by posting online.

Posts and stories are here to stay, but the objective behind content can vary. Informational content can be anything from ‘behind the scenes’ to daily usage of your product, or even tutorials. Whereas a direct sale can include anything from testimonials of your product, to hard offers including scarcity and urgency.


Firstly, it’s very easy to generate funnel traffic from an Instagram bio. Profiles are constantly being viewed and leaving a simple message in your bio, pointing to a funnel link is an effective way to boost conversions.

Social media can also portray a ‘personal feel‘ before a sale. For example, showing people and personality in content is what emotional buyers get invested in. That’s why influencers are able to create such large followings when done currently.

A simple following can make all the difference when selling on social media. Those that have followed you have shown genuine interest in the content that you provide and can also be considered ‘warm’ customers. Not to mention social proof!

Note: Unlike SEO, you’re not guaranteed to rank in search engines unless you are somebody with high following and influence (which shouldn’t be relied on). Also, without paid traffic on Facebook and Instagram your organic posts will only show to 2-3 percent of your following – so you need paid traffic too!


Even today, email is one of the highest converting forms of traffic there is! When somebody signs up to your mailing list, it’s as if they’ve given you a key to their personal attention.

Running an email campaign can fulfil many different purposes, building rapport and warm selling. A great time to run a campaign is right after an opt-in or sign up has taken place. The customer would be added to your list and a campaign will be initiated as soon as they gave you marketing consent or permissions.

Email can also be effective for follow-up! Maybe you already have a mailing list that you want to target. Simply inform them about your new product and lead them to your landing page. Then sit back and let the funnel go to work!


Email is arguably the most personal form of marketing traffic available. Not only do you have a front row ticket to attention, but you can write customer’s names in html code to tailor every email to subscribers individually.

People’s inboxes also have a ‘VIP-like attitude‘ as it has become the standard method for receiving exclusive offers from companies.

Note: In order to better your conversions when using email, you will need to understand copywriting! Copywriting is the implementation of written word that helps turn a potential customer to a purchase.


We understand that email can have some inherent costs. In most cases you would have to spend a tone of money on mailing software just to get started, and even then, prices can increase dramatically over time.

We recommend using a service called MailerLite! Once again it’s free to start and provides you with 12,000 monthly email send-outs for up to 1,000 subscribers. Of course if you want to up your mailing game, you can do so – just $10 per month will get you unlimited emails. That’s a steal!

Of all the mailing software we have tried and tested, MailerLite is by far the easiest to use. It also comes equipped with a set of useful features such as live form & pop-up builders, automated mail sequencing, and easy HTML code installs into both funnels and websites. All of the forms on our site were created with MailerLite!

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Paid advertising is the art of paying for adverts on any online platform that already has developed attention. For a long time the most targeted forms of paid advertising has been Facebook & Instagram ads, as well as Google & Youtube Ads.

We invest heavily into these types of advertising because we simply get the biggest returns on our investments! Advanced targeting allows us to really zone-in on our target audiences, as well as break down our highest performing demographics, by split testing and repeating the process. For example, with Facebook and Instagram advertising you can run campaigns based on location, age, gender, interests etc.

All of these statistics can be monitored in real time using the Facebook pixel (tracker), which tracks a user’s interactions & behavioural patterns, and is then able to determine who would be best suited to see your specific advert.


The biggest benefit to paid traffic is that it is guaranteed to get you the best results, if done correctly with the right budget. The ability to strategically optimise ad-sets, track & retarget users, and monitor data is second to none when comparing to organic traffic.

The extremely targeted ads will assist you in lowering your cost per click (CPC) & cost per acquisition (CPA). This means that it is possible to get more traffic for less money!

Finally, you can manage tangible customers! Unlike unpaid traffic (organic), you are able to run campaigns to individuals that are actively engaging in your content. Therefore decreasing your spend on users that are less likely to buy from you. Example: bots, inactive users, or people that aren’t regular online buyers.

Note: Any form of paid traffic requires an advanced set of skills to run advertising campaigns successfully. It’s essential that you acquire the right knowledge, before you can start to see great results!


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