Automation is what makes a funnel work for you! Whatever your funnel objective may be, you’ll need to implement strategies that fulfil those objectives on your behalf if taking a hands off approach seems more appealing!

So whether you are delivering emails to clients, or sending free content to new customers after an opt-in, this blog (& video) will show you how to do exactly that, while cutting down the time you spend “working”.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to automate email delivery to clients & customers once a form has been filled and submitted on your funnel.

This exact method can also be used for sending lead generation clients new lead data, without having to manually send each email directly.

Get started

To get started, make sure you’re logged into your ClickFunnels dashboard. Once logged in, go to ‘Click Funnels’ > ‘Funnels’  using the top navigation bar. Then select the funnel that you would like to automate.

Inside your funnel, click ‘settings’ , then briefly scroll down until you see a section titled ‘Zapier’.


Zapier is a web automation app. With Zapier you can build “Zaps” (links between software) which can allow you to automate parts of your business. A zap is a blueprint for a tasks that you want to repeat over and over again.

You can choose from a variety of Zaps (tasks) that you’d like to perform directly from this page. Just click ‘Use this Zap’ to get started!

We chose to “Send Gmail messages when new contacts are added to ClickFunnels”.

Set Up

The set up is fairly simple, just follow the on screen instructions!

Because we chose to integrate a gmail zap, it prompts us to log into the gmail account that we want to send mail from. Be sure to press ‘Allow’ right after so that Zapier can send emails on your behalf.

As your already signed into ClickFunnels, click ‘Sign into ClickFunnels’ and press ‘Authorise’. If you don’t have this option, just sign in using the same email your ClickFunnels account uses.

Once completed, Click ‘Turn on Zap’. Then press ‘View your Zaps’.

You will be directed to the Zapier account that has been automatically generated for you. Make sure the switch for your zap is switched-on. Then select the Zap so we can edit it.

Zapier uses diagrams to make the process easier to understand, so you should see something like this:

This is the 2-step process that your zap performs to complete your overall task.

As you can see above, when there is “New Contact Activity in ClickFunnels” (Step 1), the zap will automatically “Send Email in Gmail” (Step 2).

Click the first step, then simply choose the ‘funnel’ and ‘funnel step’ (funnel page) that you want to be automated. Then click ‘Continue’ and ‘Test & Continue’.

Once Zapier has tested the connection with your funnel, click ‘Done Editing’ and move onto step-2.

This time you can customise the content of each email that you want to send to your client.

Simply enter the email of the client that you want to send your lead to.

PRO TIP: We recommend inserting and testing your own email first to make sure the zap is working properly. When satisfied, go back into the zap settings and change the email to the client’s email.

The subject and body of the email is where the magic happens! Zapier comes equipped with drop down menus for both, where you can select what type of information you want to automatically send to your client.

Of course the information that your require in your funnel (via opt-in form) must match the data in the email. For example, if you require a first name, last name and email in your funnel opt-in. Then choose ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Email’ in your email:

When you are done customising, press ‘Continue’.

A final preview of what the email will look like is displayed. If your happy press ‘Test & Continue’, then ‘Done Editing’ once the test has completed.

Each test should send a test email to the recipient that you selected (Yourself). Remember to change the email back to it’s intended recipient once your Zap has been successfully tested.

Automation Completed!

Well done, you have completed your first automation!

Now every time that somebody opts-in to your funnel, a dedicated email will be sent to your clients inbox with the required information so they can follow up with the lead when necessary. See how that can be a business itself! 😉

With Zapier you get 5 free Zaps (automations) on their free account, and of course this zap can easily be switched out for any other by selecting more zaps in your funnel settings.

Too Easy! 🔥

As a business owner, freeing up time allows you to focus on other tasks such as scaling and moving a business forward. So using funnels is a great way to automate daily activities such as gathering leads and automating sales!

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