If you are a business owner that is looking to drive traffic to your product or service, you have probably heard of a ‘Sales Funnel‘ before. But what is a sales funnel, and how can you use it to sell higher quantities of what you are already offering to the public? Well, a sales funnel is an independently-hosted set of webpages that you can set up to specifically drive traffic to products and services, generate leads, and more importantly, SELL… AND SELL!

A funnel is built through an online piece of software (or tool) called a funnel builder. Over the past three years, MakeASalesFunnel.com has tried and tested the industries leading & underdog funnel building softwares in hopes of finding the best all-in-one tool for the lowest possible price!

What do I need from my funnel builder?

  • Ease of Use – We want to save as much valuable time as possible, so we recommend a builder that has drag-and-drop elements with a live editor so you can make changes in real time. 
  • Templates – If you’re not an expert, pre-installed templates are a great way to get started selling online. Especially if you want to sell straight away!
  • Features – Our aim is getting sales! So we want endless features that help us achieve our goals, no matter the campaign.
  • Custom URL – The ability to have your own domain (URL) in the search bar will help develop trust with users, no one buys from a sketchy site!
  • Looks Good – It’s a must that your funnel builder looks slick, professional and up-to-date so people don’t click out of your funnel before you make a sale.
  • Responsive – On a desktop, tablet and mobile, your funnel builder has to provide fully-responsive widgets that resize no matter what device users view your funnel from.

Don’t break the bank!

Making a sales funnel, website or online store can be very expensive if jumping in with no knowledge; costly in both time and money. Like anything, the longer you spend figuring it out, the more it will cost your business.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. Think of us as your shortcut to success!

PRO TIP: Use free trials when selecting a funnel builder, that way you can set up your funnel and earn money before even paying to create it!

Our recommendation

After comparing the best of the best, in both value and ease of use, for us there was only one clear winner. Drumroll please…

That’s right! If any, ClickFunnels is the one builder you have probably heard of before, and that’s for a reason.

With over 100,000 active members creating almost 6 million funnels, and $4.2 billion processed on the platform, ClickFunnels has been tried and tested by the masses, not to mention us too! 😉

Using both our criteria and campaign results, we give all funnel builders a well deserved stress test, and ClickFunnels was no different! In fact, it meets every one of our listed criteria:

Ease of Use – It’s super fast to set up and easy to get started! Has a smooth drag and drop editor that makes edits, changes and improvements effortless. Settings for elements are also very accessible.

Templates – Includes hundreds of free templates. Not to mention specific breakdowns depending on what your objective is! (Example: making sales, gathering leads, driving traffic etc).

Features – Work with visual editor in both mobile & desktop view, create pop-ups at no extra cost, install HTML commands & facebook pixels easily. Suggests funnel pages that work best for your campaign!

Custom URL – You can install domains that you already own, or use one that it generates for you. Learn more about domains here.

Looks Good – ClickFunnels is sleek! The options it gives you to customise buttons, text, images and fields are defined and modern. You’d have to do a really bad job not to have a great finished result!

Responsive – Choose to optimise funnels for desktop, tablet & mobile, and the widgets follow you! Content adjusts accordingly and there are no limitations between different devices and their form factors.

Start now, its FREE!

The best part is that you can start using ClickFunnels today for FREE!

The usual $97 price tag has been washed away, giving you a free 14-day trial period to test it out!

So you can now start increasing the sales for your business, and not have to pay for anything while setting up your sales system.

Scenario: If you’re selling a product at $50, sell 2 of those and ClickFunnels is free forever!


We know that learning how to use new tools can be time consuming. So having one place to go to for all of the right information can be truly beneficial.

Plus, when it comes to selling online, we know exactly what techniques to use in the right places, which could make all the difference to your monthly revenue.

That’s why we created a FREE 5-Part Video Course that gives you the essential training needed to thrive with ClickFunnels!

Watch us lay out a clear strategy for building, optimising, automating, and marketing your product or service. We don’t even require an email!