So, you’ve set up your funnel! Now it’s time to build on those foundations and implement techniques that will increase your conversion rate.

A conversion rate is a physical measurement of how many people view your funnel vs how many people opt-in/ purchase. In other words, how likely someone is to ‘convert’ from a potential customer, to a buying customer.

It also tells you how much a funnel or advert is costing you. The higher your conversion rate, the lower your expenses.

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A video is great to have on your landing and up-sell pages. The reason for this is that video is being consumed at an all-time-high right now. So customers are reading less when researching about products they’re thinking about, and watching more and more video.

This is an opportunity to convey a message through video, and integrate it into your sales funnels. For example, the video could show an e-commerce product being used, while somebody is expressing their love for the product.

Simply tell the customer what it will do for them, and list its advantages. Let the video do the pitch for you!

Eliminate distraction

To boost conversion, a customers attention has to be with you and your product at all times. You’ve worked so hard to get them onto the funnel, why throw away that buying opportunity.

Well, the great thing about a funnel is how they are designed with sales in mind. Unlike a website, a sales funnel is a continuous page of content that seamlessly helps the customer to make a buying-decision.

Therefore, we scrapped all elements that could be a distraction to our customers. This includes a search bar, site navigation, overlays, third-party adverts etc.

Keeping it simple for the customer is essential when asking for their attention. Make sure you don’t over-compensate!

Split testing

Every part of the sales process should be split tested! Split testing a term used for comparing the performance between content on a funnel page.

We do this by selecting and duplicating a page in our funnel, then making only one change to the duplicate while running the new & old pages simultaneously.

You can split test any piece of content. In the example above, we demonstrate duplicated pages with differing titles (headings).

Traffic percentage: ClickFunnels allows you to change the percentage of customers that will receive each page. If you select 50% traffic diversion, then approximately 50 percent of your customers will see your old page with ‘title 1’, and the other 50 percent will see the new page with ‘title 2’. (0% = Zero Traffic, 100% = All Traffic)

It’s very easy to change the traffic percentage when when split testing in ClickFunnels, simply drag the percentage bar anywhere between 1%-100%. See more in the video above.

From there, ClickFunnels will do the rest of the work for you. The page that performs the best will automatically be pushed out to more customers!

We advice making a single change, and split testing for around 7-10 days. This should be enough time to determine a clear winner between the content that you are testing.

Social proof

Following the path of others is in our nature as humans, and it’s no different when selling online. Before a customer makes a purchase, they look at product reviews. For most, this has become a reliable source for checking if the product is worth their valuable money.

Reviews and testimonials are the best form of social proof that you can have on your landing page. What most businesses don’t realise is that customers are actively looking to be persuaded. So we need to get them over that line!

Imagine the power of real-life, relatable customers pitching for you; expressing their love for your product. That’s exactly what reviews does, sealing the deal!

PRO TIP: Include reviews in your landing page video. This hooks onto those emotional buyers!

Share incentive

Promote free traffic! Offering an incentive to share on your funnel will dramatically increase the amount of people viewing your product or service.

A simple option to share an amazing offer with a friend can be all it takes. If they share to facebook, instagram or twitter, that’s thousands of potential customers that you wouldn’t have had… for free!

Also, if their friends share it again, that’s what we call a ‘snowball effect’ in free traffic.

Increase curiosity

Don’t give away too much information! This is where hundreds of funnel makers go wrong.

When explaining the benefits of your product to customers, ensure that you are not giving away the key elements that hold the most value. By telling the customer exactly what your product includes, it allows them to re-think about making a purchase decision. That’s not a good thing!

PRO TIP: Instead of over compensating on what is included in your product, tell them what it DOESN’T include! This will hook onto their desire to find out new information, a new method of doing something, etc.

You can even list popular services, products or methods that are NOT included in your product. Whatever niche you fit into, list the well known services/ methods in that industry and present your funnel in a way that shows the viewer your product is better for them. Therefor increasing their curiosity!

Optimal conversions

You need to do this! In order to fully optimise any funnel, you must cover all grounds when it comes to the types of people that buy online. The reasons that people buy a product are based on three phases of selling. Emotion, logic & scarcity/urgency.


Usually, emotional buyers act very quickly. So it’s vital that we present them with the necessary steps to make a purchase easily. That’s why we have an opt-in form at the very top of the page.

If necessary, you can also add a video sharing testimonials and showing how your product has helped people (positive emotional content).

All of this will take place in the top-third of your landing page, and therefor be in the customers vision as soon as the page loads.


People that scroll, are those that buy based on logic.

Logical buyers want to find out more before they make a purchase. So the second section of a page should be filled with easy-to-read information about why your product or service is great.

Examples of this could be advantages of your product vs others in the industry, as well as a simple breakdown of what the customer will receive after purchase.


The third section of the page is for those that need to be pushed over the edge. In other words, need a little more convincing.

Scarcity is simply telling the customer that there is a short supply. Urgency is informing the customer that they need to act quickly!

Tag-lines such as “ends midnight”, “before they’re all gone”, and “one time offer” will effectively hook onto the customer’s fear of missing out.

Order form bump

An order form bump is an up-selling technique that is used to capture the customer’s eye right before completing check out!

A brief paragraph between the credit card information forms and the ‘submit’ button, is the very last chance to promote additional products.

The paragraph shouldn’t be too long, but should be easily understandable. Tell the buyer what they can get from the upgraded order.

The reason this works so well is because the customer always has one last read through everything before parting with their money. These ‘final checks’ will ensure that they have a chance to consume your offer.

Custom domain (URL)

If you’re running a business, nothing says professional like a custom domain!

In fact, if your business doesn’t have a domain, you could be leaving thousands on the table when people search for your brand, product or service.

Imagine a customer searches for you to be greeted by nothing. Or even worse, a sketchy domain name. This can really damage trust between you and the user while potentially leaving your sales process open-ended.

Check here to see if your desired domain name is available:

BlueHost is our favoured domain provider offering a free domain name for the first year, competitive hosting prices, free SSL protection, and 5 free custom emails for your business!

Learn more about BlueHost vs GoDaddy here!

PRO TIP: We recommend using a “.COM” website as it will help create trust with users. Some other great alternatives are .CO / .NET / .ORG / .IO .

If you still can’t decide, try adding a dash (-) between words to increase availability. Example: “”

Most domains cost around $12 per year, so don’t worry if you think of a better one at a later stage, you can change it at any time.


Nowadays, the standard for clean, modern webpages has become the norm to most online users. Therefor when content isn’t updated to appeal to the eye, it can result in people clicking out of your funnel, advert or website within seconds.

It’s vital that you follow these rules if you want people to engage in your funnel and convert into sales:

High Resolution Images – Use images that are high in resolution. It’s proven that content with a higher pixel density develops trust with viewers. Imagine clicking on a page with low quality images & diagrams; you’ll more than likely develop the impression that the business is illegitimate or no longer operating.

Colour Themes – Colours add life to your brand! However, having more than three main colours throughout your funnel will deter people from following the funnel steps.

Your logo, advertising, funnel & website should all match in colour. Of course, this doesn’t mean go wild! Just a hint of colour on all your platforms should provide a less disruptive user experience.

Remember, consistency is key! From page to page, backgrounds in your funnels should all be the same design and colour. So no matter what action the user takes, there will be no sudden changes that will spark a negative reaction. Also, a change in page colour when loading may suggest you are forwarding a customer to another site without their permission. Avoid doing this at all costs!

Both high-resolution images and simple colour themes equate to people staying on your funnel for longer.

It’s about understanding the customer journey, and knowing when to include content without taking a chink in your brand’s armour!

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