If you’re a business owner that runs an e-commerce store, a marketing agency, provides consulting services or software, you have probably heard the term ‘sales funnel’ being thrown around in your industry. Sales funnels are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to automating your business using online services. In fact, it’s probably the most important when it comes to scaling your customer acquisition, and generating sales.

So, what’s a funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of webpages that are designed to replace a sales person. Each page holds a specific purpose and leads on to the next. This daisy-chain of webpages is called a ‘funnel’.

We use these funnels to take a potential customer through the sales process, without having to pitch to every person individually. Ultimately, if implemented correctly, saving the business time and automating its sales process.

How it works…

The idea is that you provide enough value that customers buy into your business or product. Remember, a funnel should be a direct representation of you, just a virtual one.

However, not every consumer is the same. Some are more influenced than others so this means we have to optimise our pages for ‘multiple conversions’. In other words, maximising our chances of purchase by split-testing and implementing the 3-phases of selling. You can find out more in step three of our free training.

Is a sales funnel for me?

Yes! Sales funnels are for everybody that is trying to sell more online. If you sell physical products, promote coaching services, gather leads for clients, launching software etc, then sales funnels are the easiest way to start achieving those aims. Even if you have zero experience in web-development!

Oh, and if you have multiple products, you can increase funnel pages to up-sell to people while they opt in… it’s so simple!

Sales funnels vs websites

Here are some advantages and disadvantages regarding funnels vs websites:

Sales FunnelWebsite
Quick and easy set-up ✅Requires advanced back-end framework ❌
Drag and drop editor ✅HTML coding unless paying for add-on ❌
Zero distractions for users ✅Navigation menus & site headers ❌
Split test pages in minutes ✅Unaware of how well pages are converting ❌
Built in payment integrations ✅Manually source & input API’s for customer payment ❌
Done for you templates with pre-embedded sales techniques ✅Not designed with sales & conversions in mind ❌
Flexible page customization to suit your business & brand ✅Cannot customize fixed page designs ❌
Start with a free trial and sub-domain ✅Pay for domain, hosting, & site builder upfront ❌

You can see that having a sales funnel far outweighs the creation of a website if you are looking to double down on income, and reduce labour time.

A website is great for a blog, and displaying free information. But truthfully, websites kill conversion rates… of course… they were never designed to benefit your marketing campaigns.

We think of funnels as the “hands-off” approach to our businesses. Once set up, split-testing can be done easily, mailing lists can be migrated, and payment can be taken directly from your funnel pages.

Start now!

Essentially, if you are not using sales funnels, you are leaving thousands on the table. We have seen a dramatic increase in conversions across the board since we started, and that’s why we’re spreading the word. Spending hours researching and thousands out of your pocket is no fun. We did that, so you don’t have too!

MakeASalesFunnel has created a FREE 5-Part Video Course that shows you how to implement these stratagies for ANY business with ZERO investment.

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